What jobs is OKVIP Group recruiting for in 2024?

OKVIP recruitment is an opportunity for thousands of candidates to work in a professional environment. Information about employment regimes and positions is provided below.

What jobs is OKVIP Group recruiting for in 2024?

OKVIP Group provides many job positions with attractive salaries and bonuses. This is where you can devote yourself to your passion and receive a worthy income. So which departments can you apply for at the alliance and what is the remuneration policy? Let’s find out all the information about the jobs in the following content.

What is attractive about OKVIP recruitment?

Not only is there a variety of positions, but when you become an employee you will receive many attractive benefits. In particular, the union has a salary and bonus policy that is about 20% higher than the market when working in the same position. In addition, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Employees working at OKVIP will enjoy full benefits according to labor law, specifically: health insurance, unemployment, maternity, retirement, etc.
  • Employees will have 4 days off/month, excluding holidays, and enjoy full sick leave, maternity leave, etc.
  • Each employee will receive an allowance of 3 million for food and living expenses per month from the union. On your birthday, you will receive a gift of 2 million VND from the company.
  • Receive training and support on professional knowledge and professional skills periodically.
  • The company supports dormitory accommodation and car gas for remote employees. After 6 months of work, you will have 15 days of vacation per year.
  • The salary policy is increased annually according to the capacity of each employee during his or her dedication to the company.

OKVIP recruits positions with attractive salaries and bonuses

What positions is OKVIP recruiting in 2024?

In early 2024, the OKVIP alliance is recruiting a lot of departments. You can refer to information about the following positions to apply at: https://okvipgroup.online/okvip-tuyen-dung-viec-lam/ If requirements are met:

OKVIP recruits online sales

The company is recruiting online sales positions to work from home and is not limited to men and women. You only need to be 20-30 years old, no experience required, but candidates need to possess communication and customer persuasion skills.

In addition, you must clearly understand how advertising forms operate on platforms such as Facebook, Zalo, Tiktok, etc. The salary of an official online sales employee will be 30 million plus a revenue bonus when achieve KPI.

SEO department

Seo staff will take responsibility for website operations issues. You can apply for jobs online or offline. Online Seo’s salary will be from 15 million + project commission. As for offline SEO working at Moc Bai, the salary will be 50 million VND/month and additional bonuses.

SEO content jobs

OKVIP recruitment Content positions are for people with experience writing standard SEO articles. When you become an employee, you will produce content according to keywords provided by Seo for the website. Besides, depending on the requirements from your superiors, you must deploy the most appropriate content. Candidates can apply for this position in two ways: working online with a main salary of 15 million VND and offline 35 million VND/month.

StaffSEO content at OKVIP has an admirable income

IT position

IT staff will be responsible for ensuring the alliance’s servers operate stably, without flickering and without being broken into by intruders. You also need to coordinate with other departments to build and develop an even stronger system.

For an IT employee, they must have 6 months or more experience, be proficient in programming languages ​​such as: PHP, API, CSS,… The salary policy for this position will range from 25- 30 million/month and work at Moc Bai.

Facebook Ads employee

OKVIP recruitment Facebook Ads staff undertake tasks in introducing and advertising the alliance’s projects on Facebook. Candidates need to be creative and always update trends to bring information to many users.

The Facebook Ads position requires candidates to have a minimum experience of 6 months or more. When you become an official employee of the alliance, you will receive a salary of 40 million VND/month and project commissions.

Facebook Ads position with minimum 6 months experience required

Designer Department

Designer staff will be responsible for creating and designing images and advertising banners for the company. You can apply to work from home when you have at least 6 months of experience. In addition, each candidate needs to have an intermediate degree or higher in the field of graphic design. At the same time, you must understand professional knowledge, be proficient in using Photoshop tools, etc. The salary that the alliance is providing for the online Designer position is 15 million/month.

Through the article you can refer to the informationOKVIP recruitment. Each position at the alliance has a salary, bonus and other benefits policy. Therefore, if you have professional knowledge and experience in one of the departments the company is looking for, please apply. If there is anything you do not understand about the recruitment process, please contact Customer Service.