OKVIP Group Latest Human Resources Recruitment April 2024

OKVIP recruitment opens the door of opportunity for you to become one of our cooperating partners. Possessing abundant capital, operating strongly in the market and long term. This is definitely a dream job that you cannot refuse. Let’s learn more about recruitment information through the article below!

OKVIP recruitment: Overview of brand information

Before delving deeper into corporate information OKVIP Group ecruitment HR, surely you will want to know more about this brand, right?

It’s no exaggeration, but this group is one of the “big guys” leading the online entertainment industry in Asia. Operating since 2006 with the name Taipei 101, after establishing a business strategy, it merged many partners and changed to the current OKVIP.

The alliance specializes in providing entertainment services with a variety of entertainment games, extremely rich media and marketing services, the main goal is always towards customer experience. In addition, the unit continuously applies for diverse positions aimed at open development in the future.

The working environment here has many potential positions and needs your creativity and tireless efforts. Besides, you will hone your professional knowledge, learn, and develop yourself to a new level. In fact, the salary and level of benefits at the corporation are always considered extremely generous by official employees. So this is a great opportunity for you, let’s learn more about application information from OKVIP!


OKVIP recruitment: Overview of brand information

List of OKVIP positions recruiting in 2024

With the same goal of expanding the market, providing a variety of entertainment products. CurrentlyOKVIP recruitment locations are as follows:

Sale online

Work allows you to flexibly use your time at home or at work. With a salary of 30 million/month, there will be additional bonuses if KPI is achieved. Age requirement from 20 – 33 years old.

Content OKVIP

OKVIP recruitment Content positions require you to be creative, develop ideas for website articles, to promote the brand and many other partners. There are currently 2 forms of work: online and offline with salaries of 15 million/month – 35 million/month respectively.

IT job at OKVIP

For this job, you need to demonstrate all IT-related experience to ensure the corporation’s system is always stable and smooth when players join. The position requires creative, sensitive personnel who are always up to date with the latest trends. With a high salary of up to 40 million/month + commission bonus.

HR position

The job requires you to know how to manage our group’s human resources. You will be the one to apply for new employees. You need to have capacity in training and evaluation after each recruitment period takes place. The salary for this position is 40 million/month + bonus.

Facebook Ads

This is the job you need to plan for campaigns to promote your products and brands OKVIP on the Facebook platform. The job requires you to be creative, dynamic and know how to update today’s hottest trends. Salary will be 40 million / month + additional % commission bonus.

Design department/ Designer

This job allows you to work online at home or offline at the company. You must be the person who designs images related to the corporation’s promotional campaigns, brands and products. However, high requirements require personnel to have an intermediate degree, graphic design degree or related major. The average salary will be approx


OKVIP positions will be recruited in 2024

OKVIP recruitment: benefits received when working here

The following will be one of the reasons why you want to become an official employee of OKVIP group:

  • OKVIP is a regular company, ensuring to provide enough licenses and declare all taxes for employees.
  • Work in a professional environment, receive in-depth training in the field of work. Have the opportunity to learn, cultivate and upgrade yourself.
  • High basic salary + HH bonus, unlimited KPI.
  • Support all costs for travel, immigration or visa procedures.
  • Diverse positions to apply for, meeting all needs for a dream job.


Benefits of becoming an official employee of OKVIP


So the above article has compiled enough information OKVIP recruitment for you. If you want to apply, please quickly contact the group’s online department immediately.